Travel and Accommodation: Definition and Tips for Solo Traveler

Travel and Accommodation – Traveling is one of the activities that people like so much. In this modern era, there are many people who like to travel.

This is one of the activities you can do to relieve stress or boredom. By taking a trip to a tourist park that has beautiful views, of course, it will be very useful to refresh your mind.

But unfortunately, traveling is one activity that can drain your wallet. Therefore, you have to plan everything well if you want to go traveling.

This is very important to do so that later the activities you like do not cause thin pockets. Just imagine if you visited certain tourist destinations once every 1 week.

Of course this will cost you a lot of money. Although, traveling is something that will provide a lot of benefits, you also have to take into account the costs that must be incurred with your income.

Definition of Travel

The definition of travel is a person’s journey from one place to another which contains elements of strategies, challenges, knowledge, and goals and can be taken in a long period of time, starting from a week or even years, carried out by various groups, from youth to even people who old.

Definition of Accommodation

Accommodation is just a word, a term. However, the meaning behind this one term is quite diverse. In sociology, accommodation is basically a situation where there is a balance in social interaction between a person and another person, or a group with another group. Accommodation itself is closely related to social norms and values ​​that apply in society in a region.

If the science of sociology refers to accommodation as a condition that has a balance between people or groups, the Big Indonesian Dictionary or what we usually call KBBI, refers to accommodation as a process of social adjustment in interactions between one person and another, or it can also be social adjustment between one group and another. other groups in an area.

Another is sociology, another is in anthropology. In anthropology, accommodation is an adjustment made by humans or certain groups to avoid, or relieve tensions that arise due to a conflict.

Types of Accommodation You Can Choose on Your Travel / Vacation

Travel and Accommodation Definition and Tips for Solo Traveler

Accommodation is one important thing that needs to be considered carefully when you are planning to go somewhere, be it for vacation, business trips, and so on. The types or types of accommodation itself are very diverse, ranging from hostels, villas, hotels, cottages, and many others. 

To help you determine a place to stay that suits your needs, see a brief explanation of the following types of accommodation. Hope it is useful!

1. Hotel

What is a hotel? Broadly speaking, a hotel is a form of commercial accommodation provided for guests to obtain lodging and services. Hotels generally have the concept of multi-storey buildings with many rooms. Based on the facilities, number of rooms, and room size, the hotel is divided into five categories, namely one to five star hotels.

Facilities that are commonly found in hotels include restaurants, meeting rooms, gyms, swimming pools, and many others. There are also a large number of staff working in this type of accommodation, especially in five-star hotels.

2. Hostels

Choosing accommodation can also be determined by the type of guests staying. Hostels, for example, are very popular among budget travelers or solo travelers, given their very affordable prices. Hostels generally carry the concept of rooms like dormitories with bunk beds that can be filled with more than three people.

Facilities such as bathrooms and lockers are also provided in large quantities. In addition, this inn provides a communal kitchen and communal space that can be utilized by all guests. 

3. Guest Houses

A guest house is a type of accommodation which is generally a dwelling with several rooms. Usually, homeowners deliberately rent it out as a place to stay for travelers. The rental rate set is relatively cheaper so it is suitable for guests who come in groups and have limited costs.

Hotel-style facilities are rarely found in this type of accommodation. Even so, guests have the opportunity to mingle with the owner. In fact, many get a far more memorable travel experience because they can experience life like local residents.

4. Villas

So, the following types of accommodation are more like rest homes. Villas are specifically built in areas that tend to be quiet and relatively far from the crowds, such as mountainous areas and beaches. Villas are generally built like an ordinary house with several rooms, a family room, living room, kitchen, and some even have a swimming pool.

So, if you want to have a vacation with your family or closest friends, a villa can be the ideal solution. By staying in a place like this, the time you spend with loved ones can be more exciting.

5. Resorts

Resort is a type of accommodation with a hotel-like concept. Although it can be a place to stay, resorts actually prioritize entertainment facilities. Resorts are very easy to find in locations close to many tourist attractions, such as amusement parks or beaches.

The facilities offered are very adequate, even far more complete than a five-star hotel. Given the luxurious facilities and strategic location, it’s no wonder that the rental price per room and per night tends to be expensive.  

6. Cottages

Cottage is a type of accommodation that is usually built in an area far from the hustle and bustle of the city such as the beach. These inns are generally in the form of buildings that are simple but unique in shape so that they can still provide comfort for guests.

In addition, cottages usually carry the concept of buildings such as separate small huts. This concept is applied to provide privacy for guests who stay. Talking about costs, it is clear that the cost of staying in this type of accommodation is much more expensive than hotels.

7. Bungalows

For those of you who like traveling, maybe you are familiar with the term bungalow. This accommodation has a concept that is not much different from cottages. The difference lies in the interior of the building where there is only one single building without any partitions inside.

This traditional concept inn also provides a large terrace area for guests to relax while chatting. The set rental price is not much different from the cottage

8. Aparthotels

As the name implies, aparthotel is a type of accommodation that combines two concepts, namely apartments and hotels. The reception area is also designed like a conventional hotel. 

Even services such as bell boys, room service, and breakfast are also provided at the aparthotel. Lodging like this is usually chosen by executives who need accommodation for a long time.

8. Condotel

A condotel or condo hotel is a type of accommodation that is almost like a hotel. The difference can be seen in terms of the building where the condotel is built with an apartment concept. Like a hotel, this luxury inn also implements a reservation system. 

In detail, condotel provides many facilities that can generally be found in an apartment such as bedrooms, living room, toilet, kitchen, to a room for washing clothes. In addition, there are also public services such as restaurants, swimming pools, and room service.

9. Serviced-Apartment

The following types of accommodation are fully furnished apartments and are rented out by the owner for a certain period of time. The facilities offered are not much different from hotels, such as room service, washing room, kitchen, and the like.

Serviced-apartments are usually chosen by those who want accommodation with a homey atmosphere. Usually travelers who travel in groups and for a long time rent accommodation of this type.

Tips For Choosing The Right Accommodation For Solo Travel

Planning solo travel certainly requires careful preparation and accommodation. Apart from that, there are many choices in terms of accommodation that often confuse solo travelers. Sometimes the simplest places can promise more memorable experiences than places that seem luxurious, but it all depends on the budget you have.

However, before choosing a place to stay and while planning a solo traveling trip, here are some tips that can help you choose the right accommodation for solo traveling.

1. Find Out Places to Visit

The first is that you need to find out about the places to be visited first. Make a list of all the activities you want to try and make a list of tourist attractions you want to visit.

2. Alone or Mingle?

If you want to make new friends and have fun at parties when traveling solo, hostels are the best choice. If you want to feel at home, cook your own food, you can choose apartments and rental houses.

And of course, if you want to be pampered or pamper yourself with luxury and other full services, the hotel is the best choice.

3. Determine the Budget

It’s normal for solo travelers to want the best when traveling solo, but it’s better if you go or stay in a place that fits your predetermined financial budget, unless you don’t hesitate to spend time in luxury hotels.

4. Choose a Place As Needed

Decide on a place and choose a place that suits your needs. If you want to see beautiful sea views, then look for a place close to the beach. Or want to be in the middle of the city, or can be closer to the airport. So, determine the choice of tourist attractions or lodging that suits your wishes and needs.

5. Check Reviews and Ratings

Before booking a place/accommodation, first check the reviews and ratings found on the internet, especially with complaints. This will help you decide what you don’t want during your stay.

6. Make a Travel List

Make a schedule of all the places you want to visit and planned activities. That way, you can check travel destination and accommodation to live around the area depending on the plans that have been made.

7. Pay attention to tourist attractions and distance of residence

It would be annoying to spend hours just because the tourist spots are far from where to stay so you end up getting tired. Check whether your place of stay is far from tourist attractions or not, so you don’t spend time on a long trip.

8. Finding a Safe Place

It’s important to remember, don’t forget to make sure that wherever you choose a place, make sure it’s safe. Choosing a safe place to stay will also make you comfortable on solo traveling.

9. Ask for Recommendations

If you are still confused about choosing the right travel destination and accommodation, you can ask friends for recommendations or you can search through travel bloggers who will help get proper recommendations and share experiences with each other.

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